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Name:Terezi Pyrope
Birthdate:Oct 10
Terezi Pyrope is from Homestuck, and is the property of Andrew Hussie. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Terezi Pyrope is a teal-blooded troll from Alternia. She grew up without a lusus in a tree-hive and at an early age became quite fascinated with FLARPing. Through mutual interests she met eleven other trolls, most of whom she would also FLARP with. One in particular was named Vriska, and together they made an allegiance often referred to as the Scourge Sisters that would fall apart from Vriska's lies and betrayals. Nothing less to be expected from one of Vriska's hemospectrum, of course. Though, things quickly fell apart between the twelve trolls, leaving Terezi blind and several others wounded - and one dead. She entered a game called sgrub with these twelve "friends" - even the dead one, yes - that turned out to be both the herald and the cause of their world becoming doomed. Yet their efforts would spawn another universe, and Vriska's death.

Terezi is... weird, and blindness has served only to make her stranger. She sees through smells and tastes, able to form a blurry world made out of colors. Candy reds are her favorite, and she'll basically go apeshit to lick anything that smells good enough. She is highly intelligent despite her idiosyncrasies, and equally intuitive upon the human mind. Most of her intelligence is focused upon justice and courtroom procedures (which she also likes to LARP out with her dragon plushes called scalemates). Terezi's zeal for justice can become highly obnoxious if she smells any lies, and treats her friends under a bluntness of truth that can be just as aggravating. Yet she doesn't seem to mind this, and can go out of her way just to annoy someone.

Interests (5):

ch4lk, courtroom l4rps, just1c3, r3d, sc4l3m4t3s
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